Mr. Borella® – choose your own ice cream

March 18, 2019 2:25 pm

A stylish new ice cream parlour opens its doors in March 2019, directly at the entrance to the aviary garden. It follows an innovative self-service principle for freshly made ice cream that has never been seen before. Here, you decide what tastes good. Simply choose a cup size with a fixed price and then mix and match freshly made ice cream flavours to make your own creation. Finally, top it with delicious sauces and fresh ingredients like fruit and other toppings. Enjoy your unique creation! Prices are defined by the size of the cup, starting at €3.50 for the smallest cup, the “Short Cut”, and going up to €6.50 for the largest, the “Pot Belly”.


Mr. Borella was the head confectioner of the Spanish ambassador in London, who published a ground-breaking book with instructions on how to make ice cream in 1772 – for everybody. This new knowledge offered many possibilities for experiments … Mr. Borella® brings this idea to life. YOU decide what tastes good … Compose your ice cream.