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Shop first – then watch a blockbuster for free

22. July 2021

Ninth open-air summer cinema event at Kranzler Eck Berlin from 23 August to 5 September 2021

The big open-air summer cinema event at Kranzler Eck Berlin is just around the corner. Come round and make yourself at home, settle down comfortably on one of our deckchairs and watch the best blockbusters and classics of cinema on a 50 m² screen and enjoy real cinema sound in perfect open-air quality. Experience the relaxed atmosphere, mega stores and cool brands. Discover our coffee shops and salad bars and indulge in treats that are fresh and delicious. And don’t forget your popcorn! 14 memorable movie nights in a breathtaking setting at one of Berlin’s most unusual venues await. Simply swing by the open-air summer cinema at Kranzler Eck Berlin on Kurfürstendamm. From 23 August to 5 September. Daily from 7:00 p.m. Admission starts from 6:00 p.m. For free!

Admission and screenings will take place in compliance with the COVID-19 regulations valid in August/September

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Ninth open-air summer cinema event (Open Air Sommerkino) at the Kranzler Eck Berlin

28. June 2021

The Kranzler Eck Berlin invites you to the ninth open-air summer cinema event in the arcade between Ku’damm, Kantstraße and Joachimstaler Straße. And this year, there will be an encore: the Kranzler Eck Berlin is extending the summer cinema event from 10 to 14 days!

From 23 August to 5 September 2021 at 7.00 p.m. there will be a resounding “Roll it!” audible throughout Berlin’s most famous corner. As in years past, the best films from the previous years will be shown, as will some true classics and blockbusters. And, as always, free of charge to all attendees.

The event kicks off on Monday, 23 August, with the dynamic duo of Will Smith and Martin Lawrence chasing crooks though Miami for the third time in “Bad Boys for Life”. This will be followed by “Once upon a time in Hollywood”, comedies such as “Die Hochzeit” and on both Saturdays wonderful children’s films such as Disney’s “König der Löwen” and “Lassie – Eine abenteuerliche Reise”.

Admission and screenings take place with adherence to the COVID-19 regulations valid in August/September, which are constantly coordinated with the responsible district authority of Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf. In addition to the free cinema evenings, the stores, cafés and restaurants in the Kranzler Eck Berlin invite you to shop and indulge.

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Get ready for summer shopping

7. June 2021

The temperatures are rising, and so is the number of people vaccinated. Pandemic frustration will soon be a thing of the past. From today, a corona test will no longer be required when shopping indoors or enjoying a drink outdoors in Berlin.

A bit of normality is returning, so now is the best time to indulge in a shopping trip after all the months of abstinence. You can then relax with a delicious snack outside our cafés and restaurants. If you prefer to sit inside, you will need to present an up-to-date COVID-19 test and in some cases book in advance. If need be, you can take your test here.

Our test station is open every day from 8:00 am to 7:00 pm!
Book your appointment at:

Of course, you are also welcome to come and take a test without an appointment.

All of us at Kranzler Eck Berlin are looking forward to your visit.

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Safety first! New COVID-19 test station at Kranzler Eck Berlin

19. May 2021

Test. Test. Test. That’s how you can help identify and break chains of infection, thereby protecting yourself and others. You also need a documented negative test result to go shopping, get a haircut, visit a museum or go to any other events. In addition, a rapid antigen test gives you peace of mind when visiting friends and acquaintances. However, a COVID-19 rapid test may also produce a negative result in the early stages of an infection.

During a PCR test, the swab is tested directly for COVID-19 pathogens, which is more time-consuming. But if this test result is negative, an infection with COVID-19 can almost certainly be ruled out. Therefore, a negative PCR test is also accepted as proof if you wish to travel.

Our test station is open every day from 8:00 am to 7:00 pm.
Book your appointment at:
You are also welcome to come and take a test without an appointment! The result of your free test (Bürgertest) is available in just 15 minutes!
If your result is negative, you can finally shop to your heart’s content here at Kranzler Eck Berlin. We hope you enjoy your shopping trip.

Of course, the commonly practised COVID-19 rules (hands, face, space) still apply, which means shoppers must adhere to the social distancing regulations, wash their hands and wear a protective face mask.

And our catering services will continue to offer food to take out.

We look forward to welcoming you!

Finally experience that shopping feeling again Click and Meet at Kranzler Eck Berlin

12. March 2021

We have been waiting for this moment for months and the time has finally come! Our shops can reopen thanks to “Click and Meet.”
This means you need an appointment which you can arrange either by calling, sending a message via WhatsApp, online or by simply dropping by and asking at the front door. The best approach is to check each shop’s website for more information.

However, this requires a 7-day incidence rate of under 100 new infections per 100,000 inhabitants. Of course, the commonly practised COVID-19 rules (hands, face, space) still apply, which means shoppers must adhere to the social distancing regulations, wash their hands and wear a protective face mask.

So, book your shopping experience right away and finally shop again to your heart’s content.

It’s as simple as selecting an available time slot, providing your contact data then waiting for your admissions ticket!

We look forward to welcoming you!

And our catering services will continue to offer food to take-out.


Shop overview*:

New at Kranzler Eck – tenants with no fear of heights

4. February 2021

Three bee colonies live high above the city on the roof atop the Lindner Hotel with a view across City West. Here, at least 5,000 bees are expected to populate each colony during the winter. Right now, they are huddling together and reducing their energy needs to an absolute minimum. In spring, when the temperature exceeds 10°C and the weather is dry, the busy bees start off to collect as much nectar as they can. Bee colonies cover an average flight radius of up to 3 kilometres. And under normal weather conditions, the height of the roof does not pose any challenge to the bees.

The yield of honey or nectar for a bee colony with around 50,000 bees can be up to 300 kg annually in this part of the world. Indeed, the conditions for bees in the city are often better than they are in the countryside. This is because there are no monocultures in the city, meaning that parks and green areas offer a diverse range of plants and flowers all year long and thus a provide a bountiful buffet for the bees. Initially, the bees need most of the honey they produce for themselves and as feed for the winter months. However, it is expected that each bee colony will produce a surplus of between 10 and 50 kg this year.

Our bee colonies originated last summer as an offshoot from other bee colonies from Berlin-Charlottenburg. The nuptial flight took place in Berlin-Wilmersdorf, where the male bees (drones) mated with the queen bees. So, bees made in Berlin – experts also refer to them as a “Berlin mixture”. As the number of bee colonies is declining and everyone knows how important bees are to humans as pollinators, we are delighted with this project, in which we provide three bee colonies with a perfect habitat and contribute to the overall increase of the Berlin bee population.

20 years of Kranzler Eck Berlin – winter lounge for a good cause

20. November 2020

With what is likely the first charity Christmas market of the city, Kranzler Eck Berlin is thanking its tenants and customers for their 20 years of loyalty on 4 and 5 December 2020. The winter lounge will have festive Christmas decorations and will be set up in the illuminated inner courtyard. Up to 10 charity organizations are invited to present themselves and their goals free of cost. By selling hand-crafted or sustainably produced products, they can also generate some income for a good cause. We are providing the organisations with free pagoda tents set up around the large aviary. Booths with children’s punch, mulled wine and winter specialities, as well as Christmas music and a “real” Father Christmas for the children all help create the atmosphere of a Christmas market.

To stop the spread of the coronavirus, the winter lounge will open under adherence to a strict hygiene plan that has been coordinated with the Gesundheits- und Ordnungsamt Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf (Public Health and Order Department). Only a limited number of guests will be allowed to be on the premises at the same time.

4 and 5 December from 1:00 pm to 8:00 pm

Kranzler Eck Berlin is part of the “Creative World”

6. November 2020

Creativity is a core skill in nearly all sectors today – Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf has recognised this and successfully advertises its partners in the district with the “Creative World” campaign.

The campaign aims to showcase the district’s creative sides and make them known beyond the district boundaries. We are also taking part and positioning ourselves as an attractive, vibrant shopping quarter right at the heart of City West. A total of 36 prominent companies are involved, including Porsche, Mercedes-Benz, Bikini Berlin, the Ellington Hotel, the Volksbank, ADAC, the zoo and Messe Berlin.

An appealing district portrait constitutes the core of the campaign and is available in the Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf City Hall and other district facilities. With its perfectly photographed images, it draws you to Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf and emphasizes its diversity. It also includes interesting information on the district and the partners of the location campaign. 37 digital boards throughout Berlin attract additional attention.

See for yourselves at:

Our Buddy Bear Quadriga is back

25. September 2020

After ten years, our Buddy Bear Quadriga needed extensive restoration, which is why they weren’t in their usual spot at Kranzler Eck Berlin for a few months.
However, the restoration was completed on time for the summer cinema and they once again look fantastic.

Buddy Bear Quadriga is an imposing five metres wide, just as long and almost as tall.
It is lots of fun and bubbles with Berlin’s humour and charm.
The bears quickly became a popular photo opportunity and destination for shoppers, sightseers and visitors to Berlin.

We’re delighted that they are back!

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Kranzler Eck Berlin celebrates 20th anniversary with summer cinema

13. August 2020

Berlin’s most famous corner (Ecke) turns 20 and is inviting guests to the open-air summer cinema event to celebrate this special landmark. Kranzler Eck Berlin will screen a popular classic film or blockbuster every evening from 3 to 12 September 2020. To start off, Daniel Craig stars as James Bond in “Spectre”, where he is pitted against the criminal organisation of the same name headed by his adversary Ernst Stavro Blofeld (Christoph Waltz). This will be followed by more German and international productions from the genres of action, comedy and drama, as well as animations and children’s films. Visitors who arrive early can receive an entry wristband and thus one of the 100 seats. Until the film begins, the time can be bridged with a little shopping in Kranzler Eck Berlin, or by indulging at one of the cafés and restaurants. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, strict hygiene and safety measures must be adhered to (distancing, mouth-and-nose masks, disinfection, registration, etc.). Entry is free of charge.

More information on the summer cinema event and the entire programme can be found here.

Shops open on Sunday for Fête de la Musique on 21 June 2020

18. June 2020

On the longest day of the year, the music festival in Berlin will celebrate its 25th anniversary – just a little differently this year however, namely via digital channels and formats. Lots of creative staging concepts have already been implemented in the digital environment. But online will not be the only place to hear music in Berlin: the organisers are calling on Berliners to turn their own balconies into stages. And from 5 to 6 pm, there will be a chance for everyone to sing along on the live stream.

To celebrate the Fête de la Musique, the shops will also be open on Sunday – including many on Kurfürstendamm and at Kranzler Eck Berlin. It is the ideal opportunity to do some shopping and add a breath of fresh air to your wardrobe. After all, the best months of the year are still ahead. High time to brighten up your wardrobe with some smart new clothes. The shops are all offering their latest summer collections.

We hope you have a great Sunday shopping experience in City West.

Shops open at Kranzler Eck Berlin!

20. May 2020

Good news: Most of our stores are now open again!

The special opening hours passed by the Berlin Senate apply until further notice.
Given the constantly changing situation, we are currently unable to provide specific information on all opening hours.

Please note that mouth-and-nose-masks must be worn in the shops
and make sure to maintain the social distancing of 1.5 metres.

We are looking forward to welcoming you to Kranzler Eck Berlin again very soon.

Stay strong and healthy!

Buddy Bear

Buddy Bear Quadriga shines once again

20. April 2020

It is an imposing five metres wide, just as long and almost as high. As beautiful and impressive as the Brandenburg Gate, the ensemble is truly unique and unparalleled in the world. You can touch it and take pictures. It is lots of fun and bubbles with Berlin’s humour and charm. Our Buddy Bear Quadriga at the Kranzler Eck! The bears quickly became a popular photo opportunity and destination for shoppers, sightseers and visitors to Berlin.

Ten years after their unveiling, it was time for a comprehensive refurbishment. The Quadriga has been having a facelift since March. Both the base and the bear sculptures were in need of repair, including sanding, applying putty, priming and painting. The Buddy in the chariot will even be given a new sceptre. The Buddy Bear Quadriga is expected back at its original location in May, when it will once again shine brightly and bring a smile to visitors from all over the world.

Beets & Roots

beets & roots – sun’s out, bowls out

28. February 2020

Whether in the office, among friends or on TV – during the first weeks of the year, when those New Year’s resolutions are still alive, we are confronted with the topic of “healthy nutrition” almost daily. But what about the fun factor?

A positive omen right at the beginning of our anniversary year is the grand opening of beets&roots. The new restaurant offers light lunch alternatives prepared fresh for nutrition-conscious guests. The selection includes wraps, salads, soups and vegetarian bowls. Meals inspired by global cuisine, international flair and a pinch of urban atmosphere. Enjoy your meal!

20-2020 – we celebrate 20 years of Kranzler Eck Berlin

10. January 2020

20-2020 – we celebrate 20 years of Kranzler Eck Berlin

For 20 years, Kranzler Eck has invited people to shop, enjoy and experience extraordinary events. This year, we are celebrating an important anniversary with “20-2020 – 20 years of Kranzler Eck Berlin”. We’ve come up with a special label for the festive occasion, which sets the tone both on the premises and in advertising. In addition to our established events, Kellnerlauf fun run and open-air cinema in the summer, our visitors can look forward to further highlights throughout the anniversary year. Keep an eye out.

We wish you a good start to the new year!

Visit us on 26 January, 2020, for Sunday shopping, too!
For the International Green Week, our shops will once again open their doors to customers between 1:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m.