The address? World-famous. The rotunda? A Berlin landmark. Location and connectivity? Perfect. So what are you waiting for?

Taking an office at KRANZLER ECK is an excellent choice! Why? It’s quite simple: Tenants benefit from variable offices, a state-of-the-art fit-out, innovative technology, and a first-class range of amenities. And what can we do for you?

Berlin is free. Berlin is creative. Berlin is wonderful. This goes specifically for the city’s new hot spot: City West!

There are any number of reasons for taking an office at KRANZLER ECK. The best one: This address is known all over the world! But not just the location is outstanding.

Top companies, prime stores, first-class restaurants The kind of neighbour anyone would welcome! But the clientèle is just as fancy!

Discover the rich shopping opportunities at KRANZLER ECK.

The rotunda of KRANZLER ECK is the stuff of legends. In the year 2000, it was augmented by a sensational architectural feat. Celebrated architect Helmut Jahn designed a new landmark…

The building is already occupied …

Everyone knows it: KRANZLER ECK is one of Berlin’s local legends! The secret of its success? It kept reinventing itself: Bohemian hangout. Famous coffee house. Day-trip destination. All of that and more is KRANZLER ECK.

After ten years, our Buddy Bear Quadriga needed extensive restoration, which is why they weren’t in their usual spot at Kranzler Eck Berlin for a few months.
However, the restoration was completed on time for the summer cinema and they once again look fantastic.

Berlin’s most famous corner (Ecke) turns 20 and is inviting guests to the open-air summer cinema event to celebrate this special landmark. Kranzler Eck Berlin will screen a popular classic film or blockbuster every evening from 3 to 12 September 2020.

Unfortunately, it is the news we had all been expecting: as no large-scale events can be held in Germany until the end of October this year, the Berlin Hotel and Gastronomic Industry Championship also had to be cancelled.

We are already looking forward to an exciting event in 2021, when the words – ready, steady, go – send off the city’s fastest service staff.